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Precise Ship Arrival Forecasts

ARRIVAL-X's AI Innovation

By leveraging our cutting-edge AI algorithms, and real-time data sources like Galileo, Copernicus, and SAT-AIS; ARRIVAL-X forecasts ship arrival times with exceptional precision.

Our product

Elevate your port, terminal, and freight operations to new heights of competitiveness and efficiency. Our data-driven solution empowers maritime stakeholders to optimize operations, enhance throughput, and minimize carbon footprint.

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Arrival-X: Discover Key Advantages

Smart search

Smart search

Look up any ship across the world and see all of its navigation-related information


Upcoming product

Global Port Analytics Tool

Experience the power of our state-of-the-art port analytics tool, empowering maritime stakeholders globally with instant insights, streamlining planning, and elevating decision-making in the dynamic maritime landscape. Stay at the forefront of competition by embracing data-driven strategies and unmatched efficiency.

Our Services

From software to services: Our comprehensive offerings revealed


Maritime consulting

We leverage our domain expertise to provide consulting services to various maritime stakeholders such as ports, shipping lines, freight forwarders as well as other companies/start-ups involved in the maritime sector.


Custom maritime projects

We are open to collaborate or co-develop any maritime related projects across the globe. We are also open to collaborating on public funded projects as a Main Contractor or Sub-Contractor.