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Transforming Maritime Operations

With Tailored AI Solutions

We revolutionize maritime efficiency by combining space-based data with our precise and sustainable AI-Powered digital solutions.

We're pioneers in data-driven predictive analytics for a greener and more profitable maritime industry

Ship Ship

SPACE-SHIP's vision stems from our deep shipping industry expertise, revealing untapped tech opportunities. We envision the maritime future driven by real-time data and AI adoption.

Partners & Grants

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Ports face challenges with delayed arrivals and rising emissions.

Accuracy Lags, Transmission Gaps


36% of ships don't frequently transmit their ETA, only 50% of transmitted are accurate


Industry-first ETA
Prediction tailored to ports


Port-specific Solution

Tailored to port's pilot station and includes seasonality

High Technology Makes Us Different.


Our advanced satellites drive maritime innovation, enabling precise tracking and environmental monitoring.

Cutting-edge AI algorithms

Our AI algorithms optimize operations and decision-making, setting new industry standards.

Real-time data sources

Live data feeds power our solutions, enabling informed, safe, and sustainable decisions.


Our solutions are designed to address real-world challenges and deliver tangible benefits.

Increasing port efficiency

By streamlining planning solution, we aim to increase the capacity utilisation by 5-8%, resulting in additional revenue of over $3M/ year for the port